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03 July 2006 @ 01:13 pm


I won't hunt you down and freak out if you don't credit me.  I just consider it a polite thing to do. Also, if I happen to like the icon you're using, I like being able to track down the maker in order to find similar icons. It's much easier if your icons are credited properly. 

You can credit either thesilverstrand or ozqueen - I don't mind either way.

Like I said, I won't freak out if you don't credit. I might ask you if I see you using one of my icons somewhere, but I can't force you to credit me, and I'm well aware that all I'm doing is tweaking images that belong to other people. This is just a hobby and all I really want to do is learn and get better at it. But it's always nice having people visit my journal and commenting on it, and proper crediting allows that on a greater level.


Yes, yes. I'm well aware of this post. But it's really not hard to upload the image elsewhere, is it? :)


I won't lose it if you use one of my icons and don't comment. I can't force you to comment and I refuse to go to lengths like locking my journal down in order to get more attention - but a comment is always nice to get. I like knowing what people like and what they don't like. It helps me figure out what's popular and what I should make more of.

I'm also interested in helpful hints in order to get better.  Without constructive critcism, I'd still be making icons that look like they originated in paint.

If you like my icons, please let me know by leaving me a comment!  I'll really appreciate it. :)

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